11 Occasions that Call for a Forever Rose Arrangement Gift

Forever Roses are organically preserved roses that can last for years. Imagine plucking the most pristine of roses you can find and then wishing that the beautiful arrangement will last years? That’s exactly what forever roses do! Also called eternity or infinity roses, these rose arrangements are a very popular and growing gifting trend, especially in the UK. 

And, here are 11 occasions that make perfect sense for a forever rose arrangement gift. 

Housewarming Gift

Buying and owning a home is an incredible accomplishment. So, when you are invited for a housewarming, you really want to make the gift you give to the new homeowners count. A luxurious forever rose arrangement is sure to take their breath away. Go with a selection of a dozen or double dozen roses and the new homeowners will proudly display this thoughtful gift in their home. Yellow roses are perfect for such an occasion as yellow is a colour that signifies congratulations. 

Get Well Soon Gift

Visiting someone in the hospital? Almost anyone in the hospital could use some get-well-soon roses. A selection of orange or yellow forever roses will therefore make for a great gift when you see someone at the hospital. Unlike a normal rose bouquet that will depressingly wilt in the patient’s room, the forever rose arrangement your gift will stay pristine, giving the patient a spirited feeling that will help them recover and look forward to a normal life once outside the hospital. 

A gift to profess your love

Is there really any better way to passionately announce your love other than with red roses? There’s a reason why florist shops are covered in a sea of red on Valentine’s Day. Red is the colour of passion, love and fiery romance. But, unlike a bouquet that will have to be thrown in the trash in just a week, a red forever rose arrangement will continue to make a statement for you, long after you have conveyed your feelings of love to that special someone in your life. It will serve the purpose of being a thoughtful and meaningful reminder as you continue to woo their love and affection.

Thinking of You Gift

You have expressed your love and that special someone has also reciprocated that feeling. A beautiful romance has begun and you can’t stop thinking of that person. It’s time for a forever rose arrangement that tells them that you deeply miss them or that you are thinking of them. While red roses express love, deep crimson or deep red roses convey feelings of passionate desire. If the relationship has advanced to deeper levels, you can even think of an arrangement of purple roses, for purple is the colour of infatuation and undeniable love and passion. 

Mother’s Day

Mothers love roses. And, remember, nans are mothers too and they love roses even more than your mother! So, whether it's for your own mother, your nan or any woman who has been a mother, a forever rose arrangement is sure to delight them. Almost any colour arrangement works for a Mother’s Day Gift. Pink, white, red or mixed arrangements are very popular choices. 

Anniversary Gifts

10th wedding anniversary? 25 years at a job? Whatever the anniversary may be, a forever rose arrangement will make for a great gift, especially to women or to a couple. Red, yellow or orange roses all make for great choices. A mixed arrangement can also convey a myriad of feelings like joy, happiness and success. Recipients who receive roses on important anniversary dates tend to bask in their glory for many days and weeks, letting the feeling of success and accomplishment linger well after the date of the important anniversary has passed.

An Apology

We all come upon times in our life where we have to apologize to someone who we care about and love. And a forever rose arrangement can delicately convey that sincere and heartfelt apologetic feeling that you have in your heart. If the apology is to your better half, a red rose arrangement will work just fine. If it’s to a friend, yellow or white roses will do well. If it’s for a more complicated relationship, a mixture of above said colours will do well in an apology arrangement. 

First Date

Are you worried that gifting a rose might be taking it too far on a first date? Think again. A simple but thoughtful gift like a single forever rose can be a great conversation piece as you go about your first date. Any woman will appreciate the fact that you took the time to get them a forever rose that will last years. Whether the relationship blossoms or not, they will always cherish the gesture you extended by gifting them a beautiful forever rose. 

Funeral Sympathy Gift

An arrangement of white forever roses can beautifully express sympathy and kindness to someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one. An arrangement for a funeral gift can also include a sprinkling of red roses amongst a majority of white roses, to convey your deep love and affection for the loved one who has passed on. 

A Great gift for the eco-friendly person

Are you buying a gift for someone who is environmentally conscious? A forever rose arrangement makes for a perfect gift for such people. Not only do they appreciate a natural gift as beautiful as a rose, they will also love the fact that the roses can last years. It is a gift that will sincerely appeal to their sensibilities about living and leading a sustainable and eco-friendly life

The Just Because Gift

You know, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to give someone something as beautiful as a forever rose arrangement. In fact, if you gave someone a forever rose arrangement out of the blue, it will melt their hearts even more than if you did the same on an occasion like a birthday. Whoever they are, they have been a special person every day in your life. And why wait for a particular day if they are so special. Gift them a forever rose arrangement unexpectedly and watch how they just melt in delight, joy and pure happiness. 

So, there you have it. 11 occasions where forever roses make for a great gift. Thoughtful, eco-friendly, meaningful and heartfelt wishes that will last for years. And where can you buy these forever rose arrangements? Right here at Luxerosa UK! We are one of the UK's leading retailers of Forever and Eternity Rose Arrangements. We only use real Ecuadorian roses in all of our arrangements. We use a proprietary preservation process that allows our roses to remain pristine for years, even smelling like they did on the day the bloom was plucked. 

Our arrangements come in beautiful and ornamental boxes that can proudly take center stage in anyone’s home, for all to see. Our arrangements don’t need any maintenance either. The roses don’t need watering. The arrangement boxes are shipped with care cards that will tell recipients how to care for the roses. All they have to do is keep the roses away from sources for direct heat and sunlight and lightly dust the roses, when needed. There’s no watering or pruning or any other care required. 

A convenient, meaningful and affordable gift for almost any occasion!