They are real roses that have been organically preserved to make them last longer.

With the correct care they will last anything from a year to 4 years plus. Over time the colours may fade but they will not wilt and die like fresh roses.

Yes. This is one of the many advantages of using preserved roses. During the preservation process all the pollen vanishes.

No. Surprisingly our customers have said that they are far easier to look after than fresh roses - which need to be really nurtured to last beyond a week.

The roses will arrive securely in their arrangement. Please do not remove the roses.

They require NO water and need to be kept away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

As they last so long, they may need occasional dusting with a light duster.

The hat box arrangements arrives with a lid -this lid is for decorative purposes and is recommended to place underneath the box, to act as a base. Please DO NOT use it as a lid to cover the roses.

Apart from that just sit back and admire natures beauty.

Yes of course. Please email us your requirements at hello@luxerosa.com

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