About Us

Welcome to Luxerosa - we make luxury artisan preserved floral arrangements that are used as gifts, for weddings, in interior design and for event services.

We are a family owned business but you won't find any aww inspiring story of how we started our forever company, no trips to Paris here or walks among rose gardens..... Having purchased these beautiful rose boxes ourselves we realised there were very limited number of companies in the UK that provided the same kind of options in design/ colour and service, especially when it came to delivery, that we've come to expect from more traditional floral companies. We would like to change that. We want our customers (you) to be able to buy our products or have bespoke designs made and then have them delivered any day of the week.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction before, during and after-sales is at the core of our values and principles. So please feel free to contact us during any process of your decision to order from us. We have a dedicated phone line that will be answered by an actual company member responsible for order fulfilment. We know what we're talking about so please contact us :)