Forever Luxury Box Flowers from Luxerosa

I think you would agree that roses make for a great gift on almost any occasion. Birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations and of course, on Valentine’s Day, to express your love and passion. So, what can really surpass roses as a gift? There is something! Think luxury forever rose box flowers. Yes, a box full of luxury forever roses or roses that last a year or more. And we at Luxerosa have a very wide range of forever flowers in a box. If you are looking to make a big statement with your gift, you just can’t go wrong with a luxury box of forever roses. Let’s learn more about them.

What are luxury forever roses in a box?

Forever rose gift boxes are beautiful arrangements with real roses. At Luxerosa, we import the most pristine of roses from Ecuador. The roses are then put through a very careful and delicate organic preservation process. With this process, the rose’s colour, scent, shape and beauty is all maintained exactly, as is. What you will see is roses that look exactly like the bunch of the freshest of fresh roses sitting on your florist’s window shelf. Only these will last you months and years!

At Luxerosa, we then take these carefully preserved forever roses and then put them in a luxury box. When it comes to gifts, the packaging counts just as much as the gift itself. So, we only use premium materials to create our boxes. The luxury boxes we create can be proudly displayed even in the most beautifully appointed homes.

Besides beautifully cradling your forever roses, Luxerosa boxes also serve a dual purpose in maintaining your roses in their pristine condition. You must therefore not remove the forever roses we ship from the box they come in, as it will affect the life of the roses.

Luxury Forever Roses in a Box – Choices at Luxerosa

Heart shaped luxury roses in a box (£43 to £139)

Professing your love to someone? Red roses are just perfect for that. But, red roses in a heart shaped box just shout out your message from the rooftops!  You can go all out with a heart shaped luxury forever rose box that features as many as 23 roses or choose a more affordable yet adorable heart shaped box with just three but beautiful large roses.

It’s only up to you to decide how big or subtle a statement you want to make to that special someone in your life.

Round shaped luxury roses in a box (£43 to £139)

A round box is perfect as a gift for family or to friends. Our round boxed feature roses with exciting colours such as blush pink, vibrant red, maroon and even a striking coral colour. For £43, our round forever rose boxes feature 4 large roses while the £69 rose box features 9 beautiful roses.  Our medium box for £87.50 features 13 roses and our largest round box features a beautiful array of 23 roses, retailing for £139

Square shaped luxury roses in a box (£43 to £212)

Square box shaped forever roses are perfect as formal gifts, or as gifts to make a big statement, especially if you choose the larger boxes. They of course work well as gifts to friends and family as well. A square shaped forever gift box is perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing gift box we have because it’s straight lines will allow the recipient to neatly place it wherever they want to show off this wonderful gift from you.

For example, it will nestle beautifully into place in the corner of a kitchen or along the edges of a night lamp table. A square box makes perfect sense as a gift for people with minimalistic aesthetic senses, for they can be tucked into corners, saving valuable space.

Besides small, medium and large square forever rose boxes, we at Luxerosa also have our best-selling extra-large square infinity rose box at £212. This box features no less than 36 gorgeous roses. This is a gift box that is guaranteed to make your special someone gasp in sheer delight and joy, for it’s truly a spectacular sight.

How to care for our forever rose gift boxes?

You don’t! That’s the thing about forever gift box roses from Luxerosa. There’s almost no care required. All you have to do is keep the roses away from direct sunlight and direct sources of heat. For example, they can be placed in an area of your living room that is shaded as opposed to directly basking under the sunlight that floods through a window. As for avoiding heat, you must also avoiding placing them too close to a stove, oven or heaters or space heaters.

Besides these easy care requirements, all you have to do is just lightly dust the roses with a feather duster, once in a while, or when required. Be gentle with the dusting and your forever roses will look pristine for months and years to come.

You must also keep the roses in the boxes you receive them. Taking them out of the box and putting them in a vase will adversely affect the life of the roses. This is one of the reasons why we went to great lengths to ship our roses in beautiful luxury rose boxes, so customers can proudly show off their roses in the box that they came in, as is.

Please note that our forever roses do not require watering.

Our luxury forever rose gift boxes come with a luxury complimentary greetings card suite

While our forever rose gift boxes deliver a stunning message all on their own, we completely understand how you want to include a heartfelt message along with your roses.

This is the reason why our rose gift boxes come with a premium quality greeting card with an envelope. What more, you even have the option to use an old-fashioned and adorable wax seal to seal your envelope, with your heartfelt message inside of it.

We also ship our forever rose boxes with product care cards that are also printed on premium cards. Everything in our boxes is nothing but premium quality.

We offer Klarna / Clearpay Monthly Payment Options

Are you thinking about going with our extra-large square infinity box but don’t quite have the means to pay £212 for the gorgeous gift? You can choose Klarna or Clearpay during checkout and you will quickly be presented with an option to break up your payment over several months. With small monthly payments, you have the opportunity to make a big statement with your gift.

We hope you find your luxury forever gift rose box at Luxerosa today. If you have any questions, please use the live chat on our site and one of our dedicated staff will immediately answer your queries or assist you with making a purchase.