How to Preserve and Keep Roses Forever?

Roses are some of the most beautiful flowers on this planet. So, it is perfectly normal for you to want to preserve them and keep them forever. After all, why should such a beautiful bloom of flowers wilt and be thrown away in just a week or two! But, how practical is it to preserve roses forever? And, how do you preserve roses? We learn all that and more here.

Why Preserve Roses When You Can Buy Forever Roses!

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We have forever roses in a very wide range of colours, arrangement sizes and box shapes. Whether you are looking to preserve and gift roses or to keep roses forever in your own home for your personal enjoyment, we surely have an arrangement waiting for you to excitedly add to your cart to then get it delivered to your home.

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How to preserve roses?

About a month or so ago, we wrote a post on how you can preserve roses yourself, DIY style. You can check out that post here. Here, we discuss additional methods that will allow you to keep your roses forever, or at least for a long time to come.

In that post we wrote a few weeks ago, you will learn several techniques. First, you will learn about air drying roses where you simply hang roses upside down to let them dry out over a few days. There’s also instructions on how to microwave your roses to quickly and easily preserve them. You can also learn about beautifully preserving a rose with a resin pour. Though this is a technical process that needs a little care and store bought materials, it gives you the best results in terms of presentation and aesthetic quality. The transparent resin encapsulates your forever roses in a floating glass like case that is ready to take the spotlight anywhere in your home. It is also one of the best ways to preserve forever roses that you wat to gift to someone.

There’s also instructions on how to use desiccants to dry out your roses to preserve them. Lastly, you will also find a step-by-step guide on how to dry your roses using a book press. This is one of the easiest and also perhaps the most popular way to preserve roses forever.

Drying Roses with a Dehydrator

Dehydrator drying is better than air drying. While preserving roses through air drying means that the colour of roses will fade, dehydrator drying presents no such drawbacks. It is also not an easy DIY project as you will need some specialized equipment to help you dehydrate your roses.

But, if you are up for it, here are the steps below! The results will definitely be worth your while.

The first step is to buy a dehydrator machine. Commercial freeze drying or dehydrator machines cost thousands of dollars. What you can instead do is buy a dehydrator machine that you can get for as little as £100. But, please bear in mind that a dehydrator won’t remove as much moisture as a freeze dryer can. While a freeze dryer can remove as much as 90% of moisture from contents placed inside it, a dehydrator can remove only about 80% of moisture from it.

But, even at 80%, a dehydrator can give you fantastic results if you are trying to preserve your roses.

To get the best results, you must not place your roses in a dehydrator immediately. You will first need to prep them. How do you do that? By first letting they absorb water for up to 12 hours! Though it sounds counterproductive, this crucial step will allow you to preserve roses that look as close to the original bloom, without shriveling up or without fading and looking dull.

Allowing them to draw water to get fully hydrated will allow your roses to fully open and plump up, priming them for the dehydration process.

After the 12 hour prep period, trim your rose stems and remove any leaves. Cut the stem at a length you desire. A tip here. The shorter you cut your stem, the shorter your freeze drying or dehydration process will be. This is because stems hold a lot of moisture in them. Don’t however cut the stems out altogether or too short. Stems are important for arrangement when you are done preserving and want to present your forever roses in a vase.

When placing them in the dehydrator, sprawl out the roses so they are not close to each other. Keeping them too close or worse, piling them all into a bunch will mean that your roses dry out very unevenly, giving you very poor results.

Set the temperature at 51°C and the timer for 2 hours. But, check on your roses after 1 hour. The longer you let it dry, the drier and more fragile they become. But, the drier they are, the longer they will stay preserved. So, pull them out a stage where you get the best of both worlds and you have your preserved forever roses ready, dehydrator method style!