Luxerosa Forever Roses – FAQs

Below is a list of quick but accurate answers to commonly asked questions about our forever roses at Luxerosa UK. Forever roses are real roses that have been preserved to last for years. Here at Luxerosa, our forever roses are actually real Ecuadorian roses that have been carefully preserved, through a 100% organic process. After preservation, our beautiful roses last 3 years or more, always looking pristine.

Here’s more information on them. And, here’s where you can shop our gorgeous forever rose arrangements! We ship for free, to anywhere in the UK.

How long forever roses last?

Luxerosa forever roses can last for 3 years or more. This is of course assuming that you keep the beautiful roses in the box that they came in. Our forever roses must also be kept away from direct heat and sunlight and must not be watered, to make them last.

What are forever roses made of?

Forever roses at Luxerosa are 100% real roses. There’s nothing artificial about these roses at all. In fact, we import the freshest of real roses from the rose capital of the world – Ecuador, to then carefully preserve them to make them forever roses. The roses you see in our arrangement are therefore 100% real.

Can you remove forever roses from the box?

Not if you want your Forever roses to last. Luxerosa forever roses must be kept in the box that they are shipped in, to help them stay preserved. Removing them from the box will mean that they will wilt and will definitely not last the 3 years they are supposed to.

Because they have to be enjoyed in the box, we at Luxerosa have gone to great lengths to only ship out our beautiful flowers in equally beautiful and luxurious boxes, boxes that anyone can proudly display in their homes.

Are forever roses worth it?

Read through some of our testimonials and you will see customers mention that people who they gifted this to broke out into tears, out of sheer delight and joy. That’s how much forever roses can mean. Roses express love, affection and a host of other positive emotions and forever roses just ensure that those feelings are enjoyed for a long time to come.

People adore these as gifts. First, they mean a lot because roses have been sentimental gifts for centuries. Secondly, they last a long time and thus serve a dual purpose as a keepsake and even a curio item, instantly beautifying any space they are kept in. So, yes, forever roses are totally worth it.

Are forever roses good?

You have to get yourself a forever rose arrangement to see how good it is! At Luxerosa, our forever roses are exactly how you see them in our online catalogue, if not better. They are real roses that are decadently soft to the touch, beautiful to look at and with vibrant and stunning colours. So, good, definitely yes!

How do you take care of a forever rose?

Taking care of Luxerosa forever roses is as simple as almost doing nothing! Yes, that’s right. Simply keep our forever roses in the box that they are displayed in. Just take care to avoid placing these roses in an area that receives direct heat and sunlight and they will look gorgeous for years to come. If needed, you might have to very lightly dust them using a feather duster or another very delicate duster.

Do preserved roses really last?

Yes, they absolutely do. Luxerosa forever roses last for an average of 3 years, as long as you keep the forever roses in the box that they came in. You must of course store them in a place that is not affected by direct sunlight or heat. You must also NOT water them.

Why are preserved roses so expensive?

It is true that Luxerosa preserved roses are more expensive than fresh roses you can buy at your local florist shop. But, fresh roses last for a week, at the most. Even during that one week, they slowly wilt and droop, looking less and less lovely as every hour goes by. Luxerosa forever roses on the other hand will look like freshly plucked roses for 3 long years! This is of course due to a careful and proprietary organic preservation process, which is what makes them more expensive than regular roses. But, for the small premium you pay, you get roses that look stunning for years!

Do girls like preserved roses?

Absolutely, yes! Girlfriends, wives, mums and nans all love preserved roses. In fact, they love them more than real roses as they don’t have to throw them in the bin in a week. Forever roses are eco-friendly and look absolutely stunning, beautifying any home. And it’s not just the girls who love them. Men and children love it too!

How do forever roses last 3 years?

At Luxerosa, our forever roses are put through a very careful organic preservation process. In this process, moisture is completely removed from real Ecuadorian roses. Without moisture, roses don’t go bad for years on end.

Are preserved forever roses toxic?

Absolutely not! Luxerosa forever roses are real roses that have been organically treated to last years. We do not use any toxic materials or processes to preserve our forever roses.

Do preserved roses smell?

Yes, they smell divine, like roses! However, you must note that Luxerosa forever roses lose their natural scent during our organic preservation process. But, a natural-scented rose smell is added back during the preservation process, to give you a smell that befits beautiful looking roses.

Can I spray perfume on preserved flowers?

We do not recommend spraying of perfume on Luxerosa forever roses. Our roses already come with a freshly plucked rose’s fragrance that you will thoroughly enjoy.

Do preserved roses need water?

Luxerosa preserved roses do not need water. In fact, watering our forever roses will actually prevent them from lasting the 3 years or more that they should!

Luxerosa UK is one of UK’s leading retailer of forever roses. Also called eternity roses, infinity roses or roses that last a year, all our rose arrangements are made with real roses imported from Ecuador. We carefully process these roses using an organic preservation process, before arranging them in beautiful boxes that make for sensational gifts. All of our arrangements include a card suite that includes product care instructions and an artsy message card paired with a beautiful envelope with a wax seal. Our arrangements and packaging are premium, through and through.

We have tied up with Klarna, Clearbuy and Laybuy to give our customers an option to make affordable monthly payments on our roses. To use this option, simply select the appropriate method during checkout.