Our Most Popular Forever Rose Gift Box Arrangements

Welcome to Luxerosa UK, one of the UK's leading retailers of forever rose gift boxes. At our online e-commerce website here, we have a wide range of forever or eternity roses in differently shaped gift boxes and in a wide range of colours and prices. Below, we introduce you to our most popular forever rose gift box arrangements.

But, before that, here’s some important general information about our forever roses.

Forever Rose Gift Boxes Featuring Real Ecuadorian Roses 

Every one of our forever rose gift boxes are adorned with real Ecuadorian roses. Ecuadorian roses are considered to be the best in the world. In fact, roses are one of Ecuador’s largest export industries. Why roses from Ecuador? There’s many reasons why.

Ecuador is situated along the equator. An equatorial climate is best suited for a rose. The geographic location allows for many conducive factors such as plentiful sunlight, volcanic soil and also a high altitude. This allows for blooms throughout the year. Secondly, Ecuador is almost perfectly climate controlled for growing roses. Rose fields in Ecuador are primarily found along the foothills of the Andes mountain range, where temperatures stably hover around 14 to 15 °C, perfect for roses.

Sunlight along the equator mostly falls at a vertical angle. This is the reason why roses in Ecuador almost always grow vertically, with stems sometimes reaching heights of up to 5 feet! With up to 12 hours of intense sunlight available, Ecuadorian roses have very large blooms and with intense and vivid colours. 

Lastly, roses from Ecuador are also some of the hardiest roses in the world, capable of staying fresh for a lot longer than roses from anywhere else in the world. At Luxerosa, we of course organically treat and preserve these already hardy roses to make them last for years. But, the fact that they are already hardy allows our forever roses to truly live up to their name. Our forever rose gift boxes will feature roses that are large, very vividly coloured and perfectly shaped and those features remain that way for years. 

Our Most Popular Forever Rose Gift Box Arrangements

Small Box Forever Roses

This is by far our best selling arrangement. Shipped in an adorable heart shaped box, it is no secret that this is the gift box you want to buy if you want to express your love in the most romantic way possible. 

Our Venus gift boxes are available in either a 3 or 7 flower arrangement. The 3 flower arrangement features medium sized roses while our 6 flower arrangement features petite roses with a diameter of about 3 cm. Regardless of which one you choose, you are sure to make a great impression with these beautiful roses nestled in a beautiful heart shaped box. You can pick up our Venus gift box roses in blush pink or the all-time favourite - vibrant red. 

We also have small forever rose gift boxes in a round shaped box, for a more neutral gifting option. These are perfect as gifts to friends or colleagues. They serve as a cute little centerpiece and it is not uncommon for recipients of this box to proudly display this arrangement on their coffee table, for all to see, for a long time to come. Our round small box arrangements are available in a choice of either black or white boxes and the blooms come in vibrant red and blush pink.

Featuring 4 to 6 medium sized roses, we also have our small square box arrangements that again come in a white or black box. These are again very popular neutral gifting ideas that are perfect for friends, colleagues or even to your loved ones, if you don’t think a heart shaped box will be quite appropriate. Our square box arrangements feature roses in vibrant red, a pristine white, a shimmering silver and a stunning rose gold colour as well. 

Medium Box Forever Roses

Not too small. Not too grand. Perfectly sized and also priced just right. Our medium forever rose gift boxes are hot sellers. 

First, we have our Medium sized Infinity rose boxes. Featuring 9 stunning roses, these gift boxes are so popular with our customers that we stock them in as many as 7 colours! Those colours are; vibrant red, Violet, a two-tone orange, baby blue, royal blue, a minty green and also black.

Next on our list of best selling medium sized forever rose box arrangements is our heart shaped Venus Eternity box arrangements. Featuring 13 roses, they come in vibrant red, violet, silver, white, hot pink and a two-tone pink. 

Also featuring 13 roses is our round box medium sized arrangement. These come in a vibrant red, a pristine white and also a very unique pearl pink colour.

Large Box Forever Roses

If you are looking to go all out with a large forever box arrangement, the following selections will do just that for you. First we have our large Venus Heart Shaped Eternity box. Featuring 22 roses, this gift box will shout out your love from the rooftops! Buy them in exciting colours that scream passion and romance - vibrant red, blush pink, hot pink and even a stunning gold colour. 

Housing no less than 36 stunning roses, we then have our extra large Infinity Rose Boxes. These are designed to wow whoever is lucky enough to receive it. Available in classy colours such as vibrant red, a pure white and a blush pink, this is the gift box to choose if you want to take their breath away. Our Infinity rose box collection is also available in a 16 rose arrangement, for a more wallet-friendly price. The 16 rose Infinity boxes are available in vibrant red, blush pink, pearl pink and a very unique champagne nude, a great choice of colour for a gift to commemorate a celebration. 

Our Forever Rose Gift Boxes Need Very Little Care

Unlike real roses that will need to be placed in a vase immediately, our stunning forever boxes need no care. And, they don’t have to be thrown in the trash in a week or two either. They will last years! All the recipient has to do is keep the beautiful roses in the ornamental box that they come in. The box is designed to preserve the forever rose in the beautiful pristine condition that it was shipped in.

There’s no watering required. A care card will inform your recipients about how to care for the roses. They simply have to keep the roses away from direct sunlight and away from direct heat and humidity sources. If necessary, they can use a light duster to gently dust the flowers, to keep them looking like fresh plucked roses! Our forever roses smell like fresh plucked roses even months after you have first received them. 

Our forever boxes are designed to be luxurious gifts. To complement the stunning flowers we ship in these boxes, we also make sure that we leave nothing to chance with the packaging. The boxes housing these arrangements are made from premium materials. All our arrangements include a blank greeting card with an accompanying envelope. After all, who wouldn’t want to leave a heartfelt message with such a heartfelt gift. The greeting card features a beautiful textured watercolor painting, enhancing and elevating the essence of whatever message you write on the card.