Personalized Gifts for Your Daughter - Sentimental Ideas

A daughter’s birthday is always a special day. Unlike sons, daughters usually look forward to their birthdays. And, you can be certain that they look forward to the gifts as well. First or at least second (after a gift from their romantic interest) on their list of gifts they look forward to is from you, the parent! When it comes to gifts for your daughter, nothing works better than a personalized gift. Adding personalization to a gift allows you to add so much more meaning to an otherwise generic gift that won’t be appreciated and cherished as much.

Below are several personalized gifts ideas for daughters for you to consider. These gifts work not just for birthdays, but almost any celebratory occasions.

Personalized Forever Roses

Never heard of Forever Roses? Perhaps you might know them as infinity roses, everlasting roses or roses that last a year. Now, the first thing you must know about these roses is that they are real roses. In fact, they are the world’s best roses from Ecuador. They are real roses that have been organically preserved to last for several years. They smell like roses too, although the scent is artificially added. And, they look pristine, like the day they bloomed, even years down the line. How is this possible? A careful and delicate preservation process removes all moisture from the real roses. They are then placed in a specially curated box that keeps these preserved roses looking pristine forever.

There’s no watering or any kind of care required. All your daughter has to do is keep the roses away from direct sunlight and direct heat sources. That’s about it! At Luxerosa, our Infinity Roses are a big hit with parents looking to purchase sentimental gifts for their daughters. After all, which daughter doesn’t like roses? Our arrangements come in sizes that vary from a single rose to as many as 36 roses!

If you are wondering how this gift is personalized, here’s how. First of all, you can pick a Luxerosa forever rose arrangement in pretty much any colour under the sun. Gold, pink, silver, red, white, yellow, orange and more. You name it, we have it! If you don’t know what colour is best to choose, you can go with pink. Your daughter’s favourite colour is also another excellent and also safe choice. But pink is the most popular colour for roses gifted to daughters.

Secondly, all Luxerosa arrangements are accompanied with a premium stationery kit that includes a greeting card paired with a premium envelope with a wax emblem. You can write a meaningful message, seal it and surprise your daughter and she will surely be blown away by the gesture. This is a gift that works for many occasions. Your daughter’s birthday, graduation, celebrating motherhood or any occasion where a bouquet of beautiful roses will be appreciated. The only difference with Luxerosa forever roses is that they last for years!

Collage Photo Frame

A collage of photographs evokes a sense of nostalgia and delight. This is a particularly popular as a gift for daughters. Amazon UK or plenty of gift stores both online and offline have an excellent choice of photo frames that are specifically designed to accommodate a collage of photos. Simply search for collage photo frame and you will be hit with a ton of ideas. You can choose a size that will be appropriate for your daughter’s room and simply go ahead and order it.

Personalizing it takes a bit of work though. You don’t want to give this as an empty photo frame gift to your daughter. The whole point of personalizing it is to give her something that will make her instantly smile. To do this, simply visit her social media account and download pictures that mean a lot to her. You can easily identify such pictures as they will have a lot of likes and shares. You can also look for the message that your daughter wrote when posting such pictures. You will surely find at least a few that really meant and still mean a lot to her. Download these pictures and use a photo editing app to make them fit into the photo frame slots. Any printing shop will print really glossy and attractive photos and then all you have to do is just insert them into various slots on the collage frame.

It’s a gift that will definitely be appreciated and cherished.

Letter Light

What’s a letter light? It’s basically a light in the shape of the first letter of your daughter’s name.

For example, if your daughter’s name is Ashley, the light will look like the shape A.

This is a particularly good gift idea if your daughter is a teenager.

Simply search for letter light and you will find a lamp that starts with almost any letter to match your daughter’s name.

Personalized Jewellery Box

Does your daughter love jewellery and accessories like earrings, necklaces, chains and rings? A jewellery box makes for a great gift idea. Many personalized jewellery boxes will allow you to engrave a message onto the box. You can include a special message, telling your daughter how much you love her.

A jewellery box is always appreciated as it helps your daughter safely and more efficiently keep her jewellery. No more rummaging through things trying to find that earring pair in that cramped draw that she uses for her jewellery. Now, she can just pull out a beautiful jewellery case, choose an accessory of her choice and quickly be on her way, with a smile on her face.

Personalized Journal

Does your daughter keep a diary? If she loves journaling her life, a personalized premium leather journal is a no-brainer gift. These gifts are quite inexpensive as well, even though they are full of meaning. When ordering, you will often have the option to enter a special message that will be printed onto the front of the diary.

Personalized Throw Pillow

All daughters love to snuggle up with a throw pillow once in a while. And that pillow can be a personalized pillow gift from you! You can either pick a throw pillow that already has a pre-printed daughter gift message on it or enter a message of your own choice. Again, this is a rather inexpensive gift, but conveying affection and love.

Personalized Cutting Board

Does your daughter love to cook? A personalized cutting board makes for a perfect daughter gift. You can enter your daughter’s name and come up with a witty or quirky way to describe her awesome cooking. This is a particularly great gift if your daughter has a YouTube cooking channel! Use her channel’s logo and brand name as the personalizing details when ordering such a cutting board and you will be giving her a gift that will make her squeal in delight! She will also be ecstatic that you support her cooking passion.