Rose Colour Meanings – What Colour Rose for What Occasion?

The Rose flower has quietly cemented its place as UK’s most iconic flower. A dozen rose sprigs are easily the epitome of floral gifts. Nothing evokes more joy, emotion and sentiment like roses do.

While you can’t really go wrong with a rose arrangement or bouquet, you do have to be very sensitive about what rose colour you pick for what occasion. Different rose colours symbolize different meanings. So, how do you pair an appropriately coloured rose with the occasion you need it for? That's where rose colours and their various connotations come into play.

Roses' many colours are the consequence of complex natural and nurtured influences. But, the vivid colours of roses don’t just symbolize the biological forces of nature that influence the colour of a rose. Different colours symbolize very different human sentiments. The last thing you want to do is send a bouquet of red roses to someone who is in mourning. Similarly, you don’t want to send a dozen sprigs of pristine white roses to someone who you have a romantic in, unless you want to be friends!

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Rose Colours and Their Meaning

Red Roses Meaning

Red screams passion and affection. It’s naturally the colour of choice for romance and love. It’s therefore no surprise that Red is the colour of Valentine’s Day as well. Whether it’s to propose, woo or reinstate your love for a significant other, red is definitely the way to go!

Burgundy or Blood Red Roses Meaning

These darker red roses symbolize devotion to a loved one. They are therefore a great choice of roses to send to someone who you are in a mature and very meaningful relationship with. They also express a heightened feeling of passion.

Pink Roses Meaning

Pink is a versatile colour when it comes to roses. Muted or pastel shades of pink can delicately express empathy and sympathy. They can also be used to communicate delight or even just your admiration for someone.

Brighter and more exciting shades of pink roses like a hot pink are a great choice to express hearty congratulations. They can also be mixed in with other rose colours to hint at romance, or to say that you are beginning to fall for someone.

White Roses Meaning

White is a pristine colour choice for roses that are to be sent to a friend, to celebrate friendship. They express loyalty, innocence and friendship. They are also the perfect choice to commemorate an occasion that signifies new beginnings.

Yellow Roses Meaning

Yellow roses are a smart choice to express joy and delight. They are most commonly used for celebratory occasions. Want to congratulate someone on their promotion, big move or a new business venture, yellow it is!

But, you must know that yellow roses in the past have had a reputation of being the flower of choice to gift to a second love. They can also be construed as a colour or jealousy. If you aren’t entirely sure about how yellow roses are going to be perceived, it’s just better to go with another rose colour with a more accepted meaning.

Purple Roses Meaning

Purple roses are a great choice of colour for those who appreciate luxury. Purple for centuries now in the UK has symbolized royalty. So, if you want to make someone feel special, you can’t go wrong with purple.

Sent to a love interest however, purple can mean you are infatuated with them. Like purple roses, you can also send gold or silver roses to someone who likes to indulge in an opulent and luxurious lifestyle.

Orange Roses Meaning

These are also a good choice for occasions that celebrate friendship. They are also great choices to express joy and happiness.  But, orange comes from a mix of yellow and red. Red of course represents deep love. So, orange can be used to express your feelings of friendship burgeoning into love as well.

Cherry Brandy Roses Meaning

Cherry Brandy roses or roses with a unique combination of orange and yellow are a great choice of colour when you want to express your care and concern. They are therefore a good choice of colour to send someone who is recovering from physical or emotional distress. It’s a delicate and meaningful way of saying that you are there for them.

Light Blue Roses Meaning

Light blue roses symbolize that you are able to emotionally relate to someone. It is however not romantic in nature. It’s an appropriate choice of rose colour if you want to just let someone know that you understand what they are felling or going through.

Green Roses Meaning

Green is obviously the colour of choice for roses to send on St. Patrick’s Day. But, they are also a great choice of rose colour to commemorate occasions such as the celebration of great news. You can also use it to symbolize excitement and happiness towards someone who is about to embark on new beginnings.

Blue Roses Meaning

Roses bloom in almost every colour except blue. You will therefore only find artificially dyed roses in blue. But, they are a great choice of colour when you want to send it as a gift to someone who you think is truly one of a kind in this world. It’s a great way to let someone know that you think they are very unique.

Black Roses Meaning

Black roses are mysterious. They are often used as a mourning gift. But, they can also represent mystery. Like blue roses, they can also be used to express uniqueness. Black roses are also a great gift to send to a romantic interest who doesn’t believe in special love days like Valentine’s Day. They will appreciate you for not sending them Red Roses which they could think are tacky and cliché.

Cream Roses Meaning

Cream is the colour of choice when you are looking for a very subtle way to express a romantic interest in someone. It tells the recipient that you find them charming or adorable and that you have them on your mind. It’s also an innocent way to begin to profess your love or liking to someone. They are therefore perfect when you are in the early stages of trying to woo someone.

Peach Roses Meaning

Do you want to say thank you to someone, with roses? Peach is the way to go. Peach represents gratitude. They can also express sympathy.

Lavender Roses Meaning

Do you think you are in love with someone who you think is very rare? Lavender roses can be a great choice for such a person. They express exquisiteness, splendour and even enchantment. If that’s how you feel about the special one in your life, Lavender roses are the way to go.