Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts for Nan

Mother’s Day 2022 (May 8th) is less than a month away! You have probably already thought about a gift for the Mom in your family. But, what about Nan! Remember, grandma was a mom too! Below are Mother’s day gift ideas catered specifically for grandma.

Mother's Day Gifts for Nan 2022

Forever Roses

Grandmothers appreciate thoughtful and sentimental gifts. At their age, it’s not about receiving something materialistic or expensive. What really makes them happy is a gift that can appreciate and acknowledge what they have to offer to the world. And, grandmas are all about love and affection.

Forever Roses are just perfect to commemorate Nan for this, both as mother and grandmother. Also called infinite roses, everlasting roses or eternity roses, Forever Roses are real roses that have been organically preserved.

mother's day gift ideas for nan

The best part about Forever Roses? They can last up to 4 years! Gift one of these Forever Roses arrangements to your grandmother and watch how she breaks into a warm and loving smile. Then, tell her that the arrangement can last up to 4 years and watch her joyful disbelief followed by pure delight.   

You don’t have to worry about grandma having to spend a lot of time and effort maintaining these beautiful roses either. Theses roses DO NOT need any water. That alone takes away most of the maintenance you thought grandma will have to do to keep these roses looking beautiful for years. All she has to do is just keep the arrangement in the box that it came in, without covering it. Every once in a while, she can use a delicate duster to lightly dust the arrangement.

It makes for a great conversation piece and she is sure to show off this thoughtful gift to everyone who comes over, for a long time to come. The only other care that these flowers need is for them to be kept away from direct sunlight and from other heat sources.

And if you are looking for a place to buy Forever Roses in the UK, you are in luck. You can do it right here at We are one of UK’s leading Infinite Rose arrangements vendor. Every one of our arrangements are made with pristine and the choicest of real Ecuadorian roses. We have a wide range of arrangement styles and box shapes. What more, our roses come in a wide range of colours as well. You are sure to find an arrangement that is just perfect for your Nan here.

Photo Frames

We as a younger generation have long moved on to digital photo albums. But, there’s a very good chance Nan still appreciates a beautiful picture in a photo frame, a lot more than a photo on Instagram! There’s plenty of places to buy photo frames online. Pick something that matches the décor of your Nan’s home. Grandmas love retro or antique photo frames.

And, make sure you pick out a beautiful picture to go in those photo frames that you get for her! She must have told you about a picture that she loves. Or, you can browse through your grandma’s Facebook page to find a picture she loved sharing, and have that framed.

She will be surely delighted to see a digital photo she loved in a frame she can touch and hold with her hands!

Fuzzy Slippers!

This is a gift that’s been trending in 2022. And, it’s perfect for grandma as well, come Mother’s Day. Places like Amazon UK have a ton of these fuzzy slippers. Look for microwaveable slippers! Yes, you read that right. Many fuzzy slippers are microwaveable and just perfect to keep Nan’s feet warm and cosy.

Just make sure you get the right size for her and follow up with her and exchange it for a better size, if necessary. Amazon’s return and exchange policy will make that very easy for you.

Baking Set

Is your grandma always baking up a storm, every time you visit? Biscuits, cakes, pies. The list just goes on when Grandma’s in charge of the oven. So why not give her a baking set as a gift. You will probably have to do a little bit of reconnaissance to figure out what she needs though. She probably already has a nice baking set. But then there is also always something that you can add to her baking utensils or tools. This is safe gift for grandma, as she will put it to use. Moreover, it is a gift that will reap you rewards as well, every time you go over to Nan’s!

Tea Hamper

Grandma’s love their afternoon tea! What better way to make it all the more special than by gifting her a tea hamper! Search for tea hamper gifts online and you will find many luxury brands offering delectably put-together tea hampers. These hampers will usually contain a variety of delicious biscuits, many teas, jams and more. And they are all beautifully packaged like a showpiece, allowing your Nan to proudly show it off to whoever accompanies her for tea time!

Premium Scented Candles

There are scented candles and then there are premium scented candles. Luxury scented candles obviously cost a lot more than your garden variety candles but they are well worth the price, especially on an occasion as special as Mother’s Day. These candles are visually stunning to look at, offer aromatherapy benefits and last a very long time.


Grandmas love figurines! At many places online, there’s a very wide variety of figurines to choose from. Search for terms like grandma figurines and you will find many beautifully handmade figurines depicting lovely grandmothers. Some figurines will allow you to write something personalized for your Grandma while some come without any writing, to send a more subtle but sentimental message.

It doesn’t have to be a grandma figurine either. It could be a figurine about anything your grandma loves. Figurines of dogs, cats, horses or even a figurine that represents your grandma’s hobby. The bottom line is that grandmas cherish figurines and will prominently display it as a mantelpiece or curio in their home.

Your Time!

Last on the list, but probably a gift that your grandma will appreciate the most - Your time. We all live very busy lives. While we do take out time to take care of grandma, it is never enough. If you can find it in you to free up many hours or even a few days to indulge your grandma, she will be extremely touched.

A small trip. A formal tea date. Help out grandma with her gardening. Bake with her. There’s thousands of ideas you can come up with if you have the time. And be assured that this is a gift that she will remember and appreciate for a long, long time.