Our partnership with Clearpay

We’ve teamed up with ever-growing payment provider Clearpay to bring our customers even more tools to help make budgeting easier. It’s super safe and allows you to break down your payments even further, interest-free.

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Clearpay FAQs

What is Clearpay?

How do I use Clearpay?

Where can I use Clearpay?

Can I use Clearpay if I’m an international customer?

How does the Clearpay payment schedule work?

What if I can’t pay a Clearpay installment?

When will my items be delivered if I use Clearpay?

Is there a limit to how much I can spend on a single Clearpay transaction?

Can I use another form of payment with Clearpay?

What products are not eligible for Clearpay?

How do I return or exchange an item purchased with Clearpay?

Where can I find out more about Clearpay?