Our Complimentary Greeting Cards Suite

Here at Luxerosa we are passionate about our flowers but also the materials and textures we use for our Parisian inspired Hat boxes and our greeting card suite. We call it a suite as it's so much more than a standard 6 by 4inch card you will receive with a store bought bouquet of flowers.

The card stock we use is special, high grade thick card with Intricate and labour-intensive printing processes, done locally and exclusively by a renowned printing press

No Gift Is Complete Without a Heartfelt Message


Each pack contains a social card, product care card,
greeting card and an envelope. Everything is put together
with a vellum strip and our bespoke wax seal with the
LUXEROSA icon. Also included is a beautiful rose gold
coloured, tear-drop shaped paperclip that binds the
product care card with it’s own signature vellum strip.

This wax seal is stuck on with a self-adhesive, so can be
carefully removed and applied to the envelope to seal
it (which arrives unsealed) before gifting it.

A beautiful rose-gold tear drop, paper clip holds the vellum strip and the product care card securely together.

Rose Gold hot foil has been applied to our logo - this delivers a unique finishing touch, adding a touch of luxury and is an especially labour intensive process, done individually to each card.

The greeting card itself has a beautiful watercolour leaves painting done by a specialist artist who's a master in her field. Printed on special card stock used for watercolours to emphasizes the depth of the painting.